Market segment
  • Petroleum explorition companies
  • Oil & Gas Companies.
  • Oil Refinaries.
  • Food & Beverage Industries.
  • Water Industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Metrology Autherity.
  • Biotechnology Institutes.
  • Universities, research centers.
  • Public & Privet Hospitals.
  • Public & Private Clinical Laboratories.
  • Polytechnics & Schools.
  • Vocational &Technical Education institutions.
About us

WBCO  is a leading Yemeni supplier of :- 

1) Petroleum, Food, Water & Beverage Industrial Instruments (Analytical, QC and R&D).
2) Oil & Gas supplies.
3) Medical, Pharmaceutical & laboratory instruments & Equipments.
4 ) Chemicals & Glassware. 
5) Laboratory Furniture. 
6) Safety & Security. 
7) Laboratory Management Software (LIMS) 
8) Analytical Laboratory Instruments Training.

Since its founding in Yemen in 1998, WBCO developed strong worldwide partnerships in Europe, North America, Saudi Kingdom, UAE, Egypt, South & South East Asia and Australia.

 The Head office situated in Sana’a with offices in other 3 cities in Yemen (Aden, Taiz and Hodeida). 


ISO 8217 Marine Fuel specification

Fifth edition now published The ISO 8217 fifth edition marine fuel specification is now published - ISO 8217:2012 (E) replaces the 2010 edition and incorporates the IP 570 test method procedure A to determine if both distillate or residual fuel grades meet the 2 mg/kg limit for Hydrogen Sulfide in the liquid phase. The specification was revised in response to industry concerns and under section 7....

Gallery* Plus Beermaster

The Thermo Scientific* Gallery Plus Beermaster is an automated, discrete photometric analyzer dedicated for beer and wort analysis and quality control. Fast benchtop Gallery Plus Beermaster saves significant amount of time in sample pretreatment and analysis by automating labor-intensive and time-consuming bitterness testing. Simultaneous automated determination of other analytes from the same sam...

ExactFinder Software

Thermo Scientific* ExactFinder workflow software for routine targeted and general unknown screening. Thermo Scientific ExactFinder software, used with an Exactive* or Orbitrap* series high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry system, allows food safety and environmental safety and forensic toxicology laboratories to attain high productivity and confidence in routine targeted and gen...

EASY-nLC II Liquid Chromatograph

Thermo Scientific* EASY-nLC II nano-Liquid Chromatograph provides effortless split-free nano chromatography excellence for LC-MS. From the leader in proteomic analyses, comes the Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC II nanoscale liquid chromatograph. Unrivaled in its ease of use, the EASY-nLC II achieves precise, accurate and reproducible split-free chromatography that provides high resolution results in ...

Accela* High Speed LC

Thermo Scientific* Accela High Speed LC provides fast, efficient chromatographic separations over a range of flowrates and pressures for HPLC and UHPLC in a single system using the industry's only quaternary high pressure pump. Thermo Scientific chromatography instruments allow users to achieve shorter run times with excellent peak symmetry and superior data quality...

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Mission statement

- Our Vision 
  To be the Leader Petroleum & Industrial Supplier Company in Yemen.
- Our Mission 
   To be acknowledged as a leader in serving customers through the innovative and responsible application   of science and technology.
- Our Strategy 
   To achieve our mission, we ensure relevance, comprehensiveness, practicality, quality and reliability in   our range of products and services.
- Our Values
    Long-term partnerships. We value our customers and commit ourselves to give our utmost   best, in   service and    value.  To develop long-term partnerships based on trust and respect.
    Team Spirit. We care for our people by providing challenge; opportunity and helping them   develop              their potential to the fullest. We encourage initiative and team work, while individual   achievement is duly          recognized and rewarded.
    Civic Responsibility. 
   To be a good, responsible corporate citizen by acting professionally and ethically in all                        business   conduct.
- Our Quality policy

  We market only products and services that will ensure customer satisfaction and are   dedicated to   consistently     exceed the expectations of our customers.